GNSS Frontend and Software Defined Receiver(SDR)

Lighthouse is happy to announce that our new GNSS frontend "HIBIKI" is now on sale.
HIBIKI, a multi-channel, multi-band frontend, is a powerful device for analysing GNSS signals on air.
HIBIKI comes in several types, with versatile number of channels and different frequencies.
The number of channels it can deal with, in relation to its compact size, is unprecedented.


With HIBIKI, our GNSS Software Receiver "Owl-typeA" would be a splendid tool to catch, track and collect data from satellites in realtime.
Our GNSS Software Receivers also come in several variations, depending on what the user wants to do.


Some of the features that our GNSS Software Receivers have are as the following;



  • Tracking 4 QZSS satellites any time the satellites are available.

  • Decoding QZSS L6 signals.

  • Positioning using total of 8 QZSS and GPS satellites.

    ...and more.


Our HIBIKI and GNSS Software Receivers are evolving.