Real-time orbit estimation for Galileo

Lighthouse is working on improving the service level for our Precise Point Positioning Correction (PPP) Data Distribution by adding correction information of Galileo operated by Europe.

With this approach, users are expected to use more satellites available for this service and to obtain better positioning accuracy and shorter TTFF (Time To First Fix).

Lighthouse has achieved the world's highest level of precision (only a few cm residual (RMS)) on SLR in a month real-time satellite orbit and clock estimation by using total 17 satellites of Galileo (IOV: 3 and FOC: 14 satellites).

SLR (Satellite Laser Ranging) is generally used for accuracy evaluation of satellite orbit and clock estimation as a reference.

We also confirmed the comparison with the post-processing precise ephemeris (GBM product) generated by the German Research Center for Geosciences (GFZ), one of IGS's analysis centers in Germany.

As a result, we achieved a very good accuracy of less than 10 cm (3D - RMS) in comparison with GBM products.

Example of SLR residual evaluation result


   E01 (FOC satellite): 0.0808 m (RMS)

   E09 (FOC satellite): 0.0597 m (RMS)

   E12 (FOC satellite): 0.0533 m (RMS)


Examples of GBM Product Comparative Evaluation Results


   All satellite statistical value: 0.0799 m (RMS)


PPP service is highly anticipated in the development of autonomous driving technology which is increasing competition around the world.

Lighthouse will continue to work reliably to improve the performance and quality of PPP related services.