Post-process orbit estimation for BeiDou

We’d like to announce our working for post-process orbit estimation for BeiDou, one of the navigation satellite operated by China, to improving the service level for Precise Point Positioning Correction (PPP) Data Distribution.

Lighthouse has achieved the world's highest level of precision (only a few cm residual (RMS)) on SLR in long terms(12 month) post-process satellite orbit and clock estimation by total 9 satellites of BeiDou (IGSO: 6 and MEO: 3 satellites).

Example of analysis result

C08(IGSO satellite):0.068m(RMS)


C11(MEO satellite):0.069m(RMS)

PPP service is highly anticipated in the development of autonomous driving technology which is increasing competition around the world.

Lighthouse will continue to work reliably to improve the performance and quality of PPP related services.