GNSS Frontend "the Hibiki"

The new front-end "the Hibiki" brings new possibilities to engineers and experts involved in GNSS with unprecedented performance.


Japan's QZSS provides GNSS signals in four frequency bands, L1, L2, L5, L6.
Also, US GPS and Russian GLONASS have 3 waves, European Galileo and BeiDou China has 4 waves. Conventionally, many front ends could process only two waves at a time, and could not respond to highly specialized applications, such as processing signals of other different frequencies simultaneously.



To meet such needs, Lighthouse has developed Hibiki, a front-end product group that can process up to four simultaneous waves. In addition, some products in the line-up can input 4 antennas and 16 antennas. 


This Hibiki stably transfers signal sample data as much as 50 million times per second to the host computer using USB 3.0 high-speed data transfer. This high sampling frequency also does not exist in the conventional front end. it can be used to improve reception of L5 signal, improve development of multipath reduction function etc. as well as receiver development.


* GNSS signal sampling device

* 1/4/16 antenna input

* Supports major 4 bands of GNSS signal

* 2 bit quantization

* 9Msps(Sample Per Second) sampling

* USB 3.0 high speed data transfer

* RF input on SMA connector

* Power input with AC adapter

* Operation status LED indication

* External clock input (option)

* External DC output (option)

* Light weight (320 g), low power consumption (10W or less)

Corresponding GNSS

* GPS、QZSS、GLONASS(Option)、Galileo(Option)、BeiDou(Option)


Recommended Application

* Validation of new signals

* Interference wave by beam steering, elimination of interference wave

* Improve reception performance by diversity reception

* Signal quality monitoring

* Analysis of ionospheric scintillation

* Improved development of multipath reduction function and advanced

  reception of L5 signal

* Professional education



The RF input from the connected antenna is downconverted to the IF frequency, digital converted with the sampling frequency / quantization bit number, and output by USB 3.0.


Technical Specifications


* AC adaptor

* USB3.0 cable

* Sample Data Analyzer(for Windows)



   Optional Items

 * USB driver(for Windows)

 * Sample Data Analyzer and Logger(for Windows)



   Optional function

 * GLONASS、Galileo、BeiDou